Fitness Coaching


I am a certified personal trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). I have experience working with all ages and fitness levels. I especially enjoy working with pre- and post-natal women, clients who have become deconditioned but want to get back into an exercise routine, girls who want to lift heavy things and anyone who wants to be challenged and work hard. I seeing my clients not only meet their goals but also feel better, get stronger and learn to love physical exercise.

My training style is very functional movement based. You won’t find my clients on machines but rather using equipment like kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX, battle ropes, prowlers, barbells and their own bodyweight in addition to running, rowing, burpees, stairs, boxing and any other cardio-heavy activities I dream up.

No two workouts are ever exactly the same. I love progressing my clients into things they never dreamed they were capable of doing whether that’s lifting a heavy barbell, running a 5K or doing an unassisted pullup.

I train clients at Metro Fitness Club in Charlotte, NC. PleaseĀ contact me to inquire about open schedule times.