Upcoming Workshops + Events

Arm Balance + Inversion Workshop


Learn the foundations of arm balancing and inversions in our Level 1 Workshop with Charlotte Yoga instructor Jen DeCurtins. Jen will teach you how to take basic yoga poses to a new level by teaching progressions for a variety of arm balances and inversions.

Some of the poses that will be included are crow, side crow, mountain climber, flying splits, forearm balance, headstands and handstands.

The only thing required to attend is the willingness to try crow an headstand and a sense of humor. There will be a lot of sweat an a lot of laughter! Arm balances and inversions are an excellent tool for teaching fearlessness and confidence both on and off the mat!



Desire Map + Yoga Weekend Intensive


Dorie and Jen are partnering to offer a three-day workshop that combines Danielle LaPorte’s The Desire Map with power yoga, deep stretch and meditation.

The Desire Map Level 1 is a program for clarifying what you truly want in every area of your life by identifying core de- sired feelings, and using that powerful awareness to guide your choices from now on. Combining The Desire Map with yoga is a powerful way to deepen your experience with the program by opening your body, heart and mind through movement, breath and meditation.

You will be guided through The Desire Map by Dorie, a licensed program facilitator, and Jen will lead daily yoga practices that support the program themes.

This is a small group format and limited to 20 people. We will create shared intentions, relate and learn from each other.

For full weekend schedule and more information, visit the Core Desire Yoga website.


Note: After declaring their core desired feelings, people have been known to make changes. You may quit stuff, launch some- thing, stand up, shine brighter, ask for more.

I am currently booking workshops through 2015. Contact me if you would like to discuss a future booking.